14K Yellow Gold Pineapple Pendant (S/M/L/XL/XXL/XXXL) (Chain Sold Separately)

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SKU: GP3119
Solid 14K Yellow Gold Pineapple Pendant (Chain Sold Separately)

Item Number:
GP3119 (S)
GP3116 (M)
GP3114 (XXL)
GP4074 (XXXL)
All Weights and Measurement are approximately and may vary slightly from listed information as below:
1.2 gram (S)
2 gram (M)
2.9 gram(L)
3.7 gram(XL)
5.5 gram (XXL)
14.4 gram (XXXL)
Measurements (L by W):
25x7mm (S)
28x9mm (M)
39x14mm (XXL)
20x56mm (XXXL)
Material: 14K Yellow Gold

This beautiful pendant is made with 14 karat yellow gold. The pineapple (hala kahiki) has become one of the strongest symbols of Hawaiian culture, but surprisingly it is not native to Hawaii, but introduced in the early 1800s. Its Hawaiian name hala kahiki even translates to “plant of Tahiti" or “foreign fruit". Hawaii is one of the major crop producers of pineapple in the world.